A Christmas Message From our President

December 13, 2019 Uncategorised

Across the globe we are constantly exposed to chaos and uncertainty on a daily basis. Many Nations are in political upheaval, many millions of people are displaced from their homeland, global climate patterns are confused, the divide between the rich and the poor increases at an alarming rate and anyone who falls through the cracks seem to end up in the prisons of the world.

Where can hope be found in the midst of so much pain and suffering?

‘Our hope is in the Name of The Lord who made Heaven and the Earth’
(Psalm 124:8)

On the 25th December the world will pause for a moment and celebrate the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one universal event that calls all to peace and goodwill regardless of race and difference.

IPCA Chaplains wish to share the unconditional love of God, forgiveness, reconciliation and justice to all.

IPCA will focus our attention in 2020 on ‘A living Hope’ (1 Peter 1:3 ) our conference Theme for our eighth worldwide conference in Bangkok,Thailand in November 2020.

May Christmas Day launch the year of HOPE for IPCA.

God’s Blessing on you and your families and all in your care.

Revd Rod Moore. President.