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Mission Statement

The International Prisons Chaplains’ Association (IPCA) helps Christian Prison Chaplains everywhere to be in touch with each other to be more effective in their ministry. It also aims to support all chaplains regardless of race, gender and religion.

IPCA recognizes that the enclosed institutional life of prison chaplains can isolate them from their churches. IPCA therefore works towards helping prison chaplains globally make supportive contacts to enhance their care for prisoners and their affirmation of the inherent dignity of every individual held in custody.

IPCA creates links with churches and challenges them and their congregations to take the ministry to prisoners more seriously. IPCA invites the churches to offer the necessary support to chaplains in their ministry to prisoners and also to prison staff.

IPCA is committed to implementing peace and justice and affirms the obligations for all countries to adopt all the standards recommended by the United Nations.

about us


IPCA is led by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is elected by the participants at the quinquennial Worldwide Conferences.

  • It is committed to keeping alive the vision of IPCA at its inaugural conference in Bossey, Switzerland,
  • It works to foster international communication and develop mutual support among prison chaplains,
  • It seeks to provide a worldwide network,
  • It encourages prayers for prisoners and those who work for them.
  • It plans international conferences on a worldwide basis.
  • It encourages the development of regional sections, local groups, working parties and conferences.
  • It receives and responds where possible to the concerns of chaplains.


IPCA’s Constitution may be revised at the Worldwide Conference held every five years. The current Constitution may be found here.