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Declaration by the Worldwide Steering Committee of the International Prison Chaplains Association, adopted in its session on September 11, 2020

IPCA’s work as a UN ECOSOC NGO

After a long approval process, in 2014 IPCA received UN consultative status with ECOSOC, the UN Economic and Social Council, which coordinates economic, social, and related work of the fourteen United Nations specialized agencies, functional commissions and five regional commissions. Special consultative status also provides IPCA with access to ECOSOC’s many subsidiary bodies, the various human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, ad-hoc processes on small arms, and special events organized by the President of the General Assembly.

To date, the focus of the IPCA UN group, chaired by IPCA Vice-President Jean-Didier Mboyo, is on the  Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CPCJ).

The perspectives of IPCA’s work as an NGO are:

  • more presence at annual sessions in New York, Vienna, and Geneva through organized side events
  • contact with other NGOs active in the prison and criminal justice world (especially our sister organization, the Roman Catholic ICCPPC)
  • promoting the implementation of the Nelson Mandela Rules in member states
  • participating actively wherever possible in the activities organized by UN and its subsidiary bodies
  • highlighting human rights themes in the light of IPCA’s experience and viewpoint

IPCA is member of the CPCJ Alliance of NGOs. This offers significant opportunities to network with other NGOs connected to the commission on crime prevention and criminal justice. IPCA Representatives take part in webinars organized by the Alliance.

IPCA’s official representatives at the three main UN venues are:

IPCA Worldwide President: Rev. Rod Moore (Australia)

IPCA Vice-President and Chairman of UN Team: Rev. Jean-Didier Mboyo (DRCongo)

Main representative for UN, New York:  Rev. Hans Hallundbaek (USA)

Main representative for UN, Geneva: Rev. Frank Stuefen (Switzerland)

Main representative for UN, Vienna:  Rev. Martin Faber (Germany)

Additional representative: Rev. Matthias Geist (Austria)

Additional representative: Jean-Claude Mukanda (DRCongo)