Global Day of Prayer for Prison Ministry  25 AUGUST, 2019 

For the last eleven years the IPCA Steering Committee has invited all those involved in prison ministry around the world to come together in a special day of prayer on 25 August, the birthday of IPCA.  Each year one of the regions prepare the prayer day program.

You can find links below to liturgy resources for the Global Day of Prayer for Prison Ministry in a variety of different languages.  You are encouraged to share the resources among your colleagues and church networks.

We thank the following people for translating the liturgy into their languages:

French – Jean-Didier Mboyo
Russian – Victor Iatsenko
Spanish – Magnus Hedqvist
Persian – Hamid Forotanfard
Thai – Sirirat Pusurinkham
Swedish – Sofia Bernhardson
German – Mischi Phillipi

Peter's Release From Prison. Icon by Jesper Neve

The ICON for the Global Day of Prayer, Peter’s release from prison, was written (icons are written not painted) and given to IPCA by Jesper Neve, an iconographer from Sweden.