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Dr. Tom O'Connor
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Tom grew up in Ireland and qualified as an attorney in the Irish legal system. Then Tom took a new direction in life when he joined a contemplative Catholic religious order called the Carmelites, and lived as a friar (a wandering monk) for 9 years working and studying in Ireland, Scotland, France and the USA. The Carmelites sent Tom to Washington, D.C. to study in 1987 and he has lived in America ever since. After two years in DC Tom left the Carmelite order and took a job at a research institute in Loyola University of Maryland evaluating the impact of a federal prison program on recidivism. Twenty-three years later Tom has spent most of his career focused on change and human development issues in the criminal justice system.

Tom has degrees in law, philosophy, theology and counseling; his Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America focused on Religion and Culture in the US Penal System. Tom has been nationally certified in the US as a chaplain and a counsellor, and is trained in and trains many evidence-based practices such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and the Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI).

Tom lives in Salem, Oregon and has a wife, Aislinn and Sorcha, his 12 year old daughter.

Most recently Tom worked as a research manager for two years and as the head chaplain for eight years with the Oregon Department of Corrections. He currently teaches part-time at Western Oregon University, Criminal Justice. Tom has published, trained, and coached widely on change management, organizational development, the contribution of chaplaincy and volunteers to corrections, the role of humanistic, spiritual and religious ways of making meaning in the desistance process, and implementing evidence-based practices in corrections.
the Rev. Hennie Human
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Hennie is the National Director of Spiritual Care in the Correctional Services in South Africa. He is heading the Correctional Services Chaplaincy since 2003. The Reverend started as correctional chaplain at the Groenpunt Correctional Centre in the Free State province, South Africa.

Hennie grew up in Bethlehem, South Africa. He graduated and obtained the BA (Theology Admission) at the University of the Free State and BD (Theology) at the University of Pretoria. He started his ministry as an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church before he accepted the calling to the Correctional Ministry in South Africa.

With the birth of the new democratic South Africa in 1994, he was instrumental in the transformation of the Chaplaincy in Correctional Services in South Africa, establishing an inclusive chaplaincy which was representative of all churches and faiths in South Africa. He was part of an advanced human rights programme between the University of Pretoria and Raoul Wallenburg Institution at the Lund University, Sweden, in the establishing of a human rights culture in government institutions, the Police, Justice and Correctional Services.

Hennie was the National Director of Labour Relations and chief negotiator of Correctional Services South Africa for the period 1998 - 2003.

He is part of the Safety and Security Christian Advisory Board on Correctional Services, Police Services and the National Defence Force of South Africa informing policy and legislation on chaplaincies. The reverend also represented Correctional Services at the National Central Drug Authority of South Africa advising on drug legislation, treatment and prevention.

For the past two decades Hennie is been involved with the University of South Africa (Department of Practical Theology) in the presentation of the Correctional Ministry course and training of pastors working in correctional centres in South Africa and Africa.

Since 2005 the reverend is the Africa representative on the International Prison Chaplains Association (IPCA) Worldwide Steering Committee. He served as one of the Vice presidents of IPCA from 2005 - 2010. Recently, he has been involved with training and assisting prison chaplains in the DRC to enrich the prison ministry in the southern part of the country.

He is of the opinion that the rehabilitation of inmates should be supported strongly by needs and evidence based spiritual programmes, focussing on restorative justice, family restoration, moral development and community support programmes.
the Rev. Dr. Ulrica Fritzson
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Ulrica was ordained a minister in the Church of Sweden in 1996. In 2000 she became a Prison Chaplain in Malmo. She continues to hold that position but is currently on study leave, completing her Ph.D. She is also a trained Gestalt Therapist and has been working with men (and their partners) who are dealing with domestic violence at a Crisis Centre in Malmo.

Currently is currently a full time a doctoral student in the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Lund, Sweden. Her dissertation focuses on the meaning of the meeting between the offender and the victim. The context of her work is the Restorative Justice program at Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town, South Africa. Her interest is to understand, in a philosophical way, what impact the meeting with the victims has for the offender. She is interested in the dynamic between the offender as a human being able to atone for the guilt and harm caused. The point of reference for her work is relational philosophers such as Ricoeur, Lévinas, Buber, Cavarero and Gobodo-Madikizela.

In 2011 she started the Reconciliation Group in Sweden, based on the Restorative Justice Program, founded and facilitated by Jonathan and Jenny Clayton her worked at Hope Prison Ministry at Pollsmoor Prison. The Reconciliation group works in cooperation with the Department of Correctional Services, the municipality, Church of Sweden, and private Rehab centers.

It is Ulricka’s opinion that this program is working remarkably well, both within a South African and a Swedish context. The program complements the ordinary justice system since it addresses the difficult areas of guilt with existential and relational guilt that that the ordinary justice system often does not address.
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Justice Reflections is an ecumenical collection of theological papers appearing three times a year. The publication incorporates worldwide papers linking Christian ideas with matters of justice. Each issue consists of up to eight papers in English of 2,000 - 8,000 words on theological insights into ethical, moral, pastoral or restorative aspects of justice. IPCA is presently working out a partnership arrangement with Justice Reflections and we look forward to being able to share this with you soon. In the meantime please do visit their website.
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In Memory of Capuchin Friar, Brother Kieran Garvey, long-time Prison Chaplain and Friend of IPCA who died on July 9th, 2013. Read more here.

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Rev. Bob Payne, an Anglican Priest and member of IPCA, receiving the Order of the British Empire from the Queen. Congratulations Bob on behalf of your IPCA family.
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